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Discover our gift card, the ideal present to give to your closest ones. 

1) Choose the amount 
2) Order the gift card 
3) Receive our printable gift card by email right away 

Our gift card can be used to book any of the unusual accommodations available on AbracadaRoom’s website.

There’s no other day like today to treat that special someone :-)

You already have a gift card and you wish to use it?  Here's how.

For more information on our Terms and Conditions, please check the FAQ below.

I wish to choose the gift card’s amount

  • €75
  • €150
  • €250
  • €400
  • Other amount:
Gift certificate: You choose the place and the accommodation, and the recipient chooses the date.
Gift card: You choose the amount you wish to gift to your loved one. He or she can then choose from any of the accommodation available on AbracadaRoom at the date of his/her choice. The gift card can only be used for options that can be booked online.
A gift card is valid for 1 year from the issue date. This means that the recipient has one year to make a reservation. The date of stay may be later than the validity date.
The validity date can be extended by a maximum of 2 months against payment of a flat-rate supplement of 20€. It will not be possible to reactivate an expired gift card.
Choose the amount you wish to spend (from 50€), make a band card payment and there, it’s done!
We will send you an email with the gift card to print as well as the terms and conditions of use that you should forward to the recipient.
The gift card can be used for all our accommodations and services available on our website.
Chose the accommodation, check that it’s available and contact us over the phone or by using this form. The booking must be made at least 72h before your stay.
Our offices are opened Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm (GTM +1), except French bank holidays.
If the amount of your stay is higher than your gift card amount, a payment request of the difference will be sent to you by email.
It must be paid by bank card with our customer care:
- Within 7 days for all bookings made at least 2 weeks before the arrival date
- Within 2 days for all bookings made less than 2 weeks before the arrival date
A gift card cannot be cancelled or reimbursed.
However, the recipient can use the difference between the amount of the sale and the value of the gift card to book one or more services, which will need to be booked online.
- Sent straight away by email to the buyer
- Sent by email to recipient
You will receive the gift card right after making the payment so don’t forget to check your spam inbox!
Make sure to check your spam, it could be located there. If it’s not in your spam, please contact
- The gift card cannot be used directly at the domain and doesn’t bear any value if used on site.
- A booking with AbracadaRoom must be made at least 72 hours before arrival.
- The gift card may not be sold, exchanged, or refunded for any reason including loss, theft, destruction or exceeding the validity date.
- Change may not be returned on the gift card if the amount of the purchase is less than its face value.
- Several gift vouchers can be used at the same time to pay for a purchase.
- The minimum amount of a gift card is 50€