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All our treehouses with a hot tub

Discover our selection of tree houses with hot tub for a relaxing holiday on top of the trees!

Those exceptional places will seduce nature-lovers who need to unwind in a spa. Perfect for a romantic getaway, climb up and spend a magical night nestled in the trees. Wake up in the morning, lulled by the birds, the sun shining through the foliage. Get in the private hot tub and relax while gazing at the stars.
This is what you'll get by booking one of Abracadaroom's selection of tree houses with spa.

Spend a night in the trees

A tree house is a little house built in the trees, made from sustainable material. With a minimum impact on the wild life and surrounding nature, tree houses are ecological and ideal for nature-lovers. 

A tree house with a private spa ?

Whether sleeping in a treehouse is a childhood dream or not, it is still something magical. And how about enjoying a private spa ?  Relaxing and peaceful, a tree house spa weekend will be ideal to unwind while feeling close to nature.

Abracadaroom has selected for you the best tree houses with hot tubs for truly unusual and unique stays.

Tree houses in France

France is known to offer beautiful and diverse landscapes as well as many types of holidays. If you want to spend a weekend in a tree house while discovering a region and its cultural treasures, AbracadaRoom has something for you! Discover our selection and experience a magical and unforgettable stay.

Are you looking for something else ? 

Do you want to try something other than a tree house? Maybe a bubble or a teepee tent? Abracadaroom has something for you ! Head over to our rental page and find the perfect unusual and unique place to stay.

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