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Glamping Holidays : see all our unusual & unique places to stay

What is Glamping?

Imagine yourself: dreaming away in a soft and comfortable bed, lulled by the sound of birds and surrounded by nature.... Or relaxing in a hot tub with the stars as the ceiling while sipping on a glass of champagne.

This is what Glamping is about: experiencing nature without sacrificing comfort, sleeping in an unusual place while enjoying a touch of luxury. Glamping is a blend of two words rarely associated together : glamour and camping.This unusual combination of words says it all! 

Forget the usual camping drama - rain and mud, wrestling with the tent, cooking a can of beans on the gas stove… Instead, choose your perfect accommodation on abracadaroom.com, pack your bags, get there and… relax. 

Let's go Glamping! 

Our team at AbracadaRoom has selected for you the best glamping locations in France. Unique and luxurious, a glamping accommodation is usually made of ecological material, wood, canvas; it can be built around a tree, set in a field or a pine tree forest. To sum up, you will be surrounded by nature and might even have the chance to see some local animals!

Do you dream of a Winter wonderland? Or maybe you wish to escape the Autumn monotony. How about getting a fresh start during the Spring ? Or lounge around in the Summer? Glamping can be done any time of the year.

A growing concept urged by the need to return to basics while experiencing comfort, glamping is the perfect way to escape your daily routine for a weekend break, a romantic getaway or even a staycation. 

How do we define Glamping?

In a nutshell, here are our criteria (and what you may find in a glamping lodge): 

  • nature: accommodations in the heart of nature,
  • comfort: comfortable beds, private bathrooms, or maybe even a nespresso machine,
  • being unique: tasteful decoration, cosy atmosphere, beautiful surroundings,
  • a touch of luxury: spa, massages, or little extras that will make your stay unforgettable.

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