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« A childhood dream for grown-ups »  

A dream come true

It started in 2014 when Nicolas Sartorius, managing director of the company, saw a real business opportunity in the unusual and unique glamping market. He never forgot his childhood dream of sleeping in a tree house. This crazy dream finally came true. The adventure started with an online directory listing unusual accommodations in France. Nowadays, AbracadaRoom is the leader of the French glamping market.

Magical holidays 

A dedicated and passionate team, Abracadroom also sees itself as a family. Our ambition is to make you live a dream in truly atypical and unusual places: Lov' Nid, igloos, tipis, bubbles or Hobbit’s houses. Set in idyllic and enchanting areas of France, each accommodation is unique! We offer several hundred destinations throughout France with new additions every week.

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And so?

We go beyond what other big booking websites may offer… When you book a stay on AbracadaRoom.com, you are guaranteed to spend magical moments. Here lies the magic of glamping holidays: live a unique experience you will remember forever! This is the strength of AbracadaRoom, true passion, perfect knowledge of the market and a team here to listen, the perfect combo to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


AbracadaRoom! You're probably wondering why we chose this name. We wanted to convey the concept just by reading it. The origin of the word comes from Abracadabra, the famous word used by magicians. Here, we’re talking about magic and unforgettable stays. It’s about living incredible experiences and creating beautiful memories with your loved ones. 

They're talking about us!

We are regularly mentioned in the national and international press and more recently on TV. We were thrilled to appear in Marie Claire magazine, Le Monde newspaper amongst others, and recently we were the subject of story about unusual places to stay on a national TV channel. Our aim is to pass on our passion while getting the company widely known. We want you to appreciate, as much as we do, the magical moments that a bubble, a tent or a tree house can offer you.

In a nutshell

That's the spirit of AbracadaRoom: we want you to live a dream in an unusual place to stay and offer you an experience off the beaten track! It's not just about finding a place to sleep or a destination, it's about finding an extraordinary place where you will experience something new and create unique emotions and memories!

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Our definition of "an unusual place to stay"

An unusual and unique place to stay is an accommodation that will surprise you, that is out of the ordinary and that makes you want to go on an adventure. It's usually a place you will discover for the first time, and it's a place where you will get excited about months before you even get there.

The unusual and unique experience can come from different aspects.

  • The nature of the accommodation: a yurt, a tree house, a boat, a castle, a gipsy caravan, a barn, a train...
  • The setting of the accommodation: in the mountains, on a farm, on an island, under the ground, in the air, on the water, or even in motion...
  • The professionalism and personality of the hosts: their profession (farmers, fishermen, hunters, winegrowers...), their culture (music, poetry...), their language or their traditions...
  • The activities on offer: craftsmanship, farm activities, hunting, fishing, discovering a culture...