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Lodge Safari CosyCamp'

Chamalières-Sur-Loire (Haute-Loire - 43) (4,5 / 5) Feel like you need a change of scenery ? Our lodge Safari is nicely designed and sitting on a 200 to 300m² space. From y... Welcomes : 6 people Access : Stairs
from 103 per night

Cabane Perchée Premium CosyCamp'

Chamalières-Sur-Loire (Haute-Loire - 43) This cabin on stilts is like a cosy cocoon perfect for an intimate and relaxing break away from everything. Simple yet m... Welcomes : 6 people Access : Stairs
from 103 per night

Le Cottage CosyCamp'

Chamalières-Sur-Loire (Haute-Loire - 43) (4,0 / 5) Our cottages have been designed especially for relaxing break. They are spacious and can welcome 6 to 8 people. The larg... Welcomes : 8 people Access : Stairs
from 67 per night

La Tente Canadienne CosyCamp'

Chamalières-Sur-Loire (Haute-Loire - 43) La Tente Canadienne is 35m² and sits on a wooden floor within a 200m² spacious area. Its opening are versatile and the b... Welcomes : 5 people
from 76 per night

La Tente Robinson CosyCamp'

Chamalières-Sur-Loire (Haute-Loire - 43) (4,0 / 5) Kids love our perched tree houses and the mezzanine rooms. We now offering a similar experience in a canvas and wood 24m... Welcomes : 5 people
from 76 per night

La Roulotte CosyCamp'

Chamalières-Sur-Loire (Haute-Loire - 43) (5,0 / 5) Stay in a gipsy caravan!This comfortable and spacious caravan is made out of wood and is very colourful. It is 3m wide a... Welcomes : 4 people
from 76 per night

La Paillotte CosyCamp'

Chamalières-Sur-Loire (Haute-Loire - 43) Stop for a moment, listen, observe, smell and contemplate nature. La paillote is a spacious canvas and wood cabin on sti... Welcomes : 5 people Height : 1m Access : Stairs
from 84 per night

La Cabane Lodge CosyCamp'

Chamalières-Sur-Loire (Haute-Loire - 43) (4,0 / 5) La Cabane Lodge is made out of canvas and wood with shutters and "atelier" windows and doors. Inside, the log cabin is c... Welcomes : 5 people Access : Stairs
from 61 per night

La Tente Amazone CosyCamp'

Chamalières-Sur-Loire (Haute-Loire - 43) This tent is ideal if you feel like camping comfortably. La Tente Amazone is 20 m² and set on a wooden floor within a 10... Welcomes : 5 people